Resolution on a Culture of Peace


7th Annual Asia Pacific Parliamentary Meeting
11-14 January 1999

Resolution on Culture of Peace


(submitted by the Peruvian, Indonesian and Thailand Delegations)

The 7th General Assembly of the Asia-Pacific Parliamentary Forum,

Considering that higher education is not just an institution with a dynamic function to transmit the progress of science and technology, integrated with political, economical and social cultural dimension, reflected in the implementation of sustainable development, but also a source of knowledge, and dynamic orientation on the life and times with adequate emphasis on the significance of cultural development at a multi-ethnic level. Higher education today must promote a culture of peace to herald the coming century on a united foundation.

Concerned by the emergence of numerous armed conflicts of internal character that, however, for their unavoidable external consequences, endanger the peace and the security of the entire region,

Recognizing that cultural components of violence can and must be modified by means of medium and long term educational mechanisms,

Recalling that one of the guiding principles of the APPF established in the Declaration of Tokyo points out that the Forum promotes a better identification and regional cooperation, with an emphasis on a greater development of peace, democracy, freedom and prosperity, and a non-military cooperation that grants due importance to the topics of regional peace and security,

Resolves to:

  1. Urge the governments of the Asia-Pacific region to take measures aimed to promote the pacific solution of their conflicts, thus rejecting all forms of violence,
  2. Invite the member States to develop medium and long term educational programs oriented to create and consolidate a democratic culture, where mutual respect, dialogue, solidarity, and tolerance may be established as an ethical and moral barrier against war and violence,
  3. Call on all the organizations, governmental and non-governmental, public and private associations, and groups interested in promoting a change in social values and attitude towards peace, to support all the efforts intended to prevent the emergence of armed conflicts, or their worsening, by encouraging the fulfillment of the agreements reached at peace talks.
  4. Emphasize that higher education is a generator of change and revitalization, as well as the transformation of a culture of violence towards a culture of peace, a culture respecting the noble manner of intellectuality, morality, dialogue, tolerance, reconciliation, far removed from destructive behavior and violence. This process will lead to a new community based on a culture of peace, love, democracy, justice and collaboration.
  5. Encourage parliamentarians from APPF member parliaments to participate in the Regional Conference on Parliamentarians and the Press for Peace in the Asia-Pacific, jointly organized by the Inter-Parliamentary Union, UNESCO, and the National Assembly of Thailand in Ayutthaya, Thailand in March 28-31, 1999. 


Resolution on a Culture of Peace

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