Resolution on Balanced Economic and Social Development


12th Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum
12-14 January 2004

Resolution on Balanced Economic and Social Development


(submitted by China)

The 12th Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum,

Taking note of the unprecedented opportunities for the world economy generated by rapid economic globalization;

Recognizing the widening gap between the North and South, yawning digital divide, deteriorating ecosystem and uneven social development accompanying globalization, and the increasing challenges and shocks that developing countries have to cope with owing to their comparatively weak economic strength and low level of development as well as the unfair international economic order;

Maintaining that it is necessary to seize every opportunity provided by globalization while endeavoring to minimize its negative impacts and that the key to the solution of various contradictions and problems lies in balanced economic and social development;

Reaffirming its commitment to the UN Millennium Development Goals;

Stressing that international cooperation is indispensable in the concerted efforts to address challenges of globalization;

Welcoming the on-going mutual assistance programs by countries concerned;


Appeal to countries to hold consultations and coordination on an equal footing so as to properly guide and manage the process of economic globalization, gradually narrow down the North-South gap and achieve common prosperity for all countries and sustainable development of the world economy;

Support developing countries in undertaking major responsibilities for their own economic and social development and in formulating systems conducive to market economy, open trade and all-round social development;

Appeal to the international community, developed countries in particular, to fulfill their duties and responsibilities, including opening their markets wider, lifting trade barriers, increasing capital and technological assistance, providing debt relief and other necessary assistance to developing countries with a view to enhancing the self-development capability of the developing countries and enabling them to benefit from economic globalization;

Appeal to all parliaments to draw up laws that correspond to the need of globalization and their own particular development models;

Urge all countries to increase educational and cultural input while maintaining economic growth, adopt employment-friendly measures, upgrade social safety net, promote social justice, protect the environment and ensure sustainable development;

Support governments’ effort in fully mobilizing domestic and transnational companies and NGOs, forces that have grown in the process of globalization, for strengthening social partnership, and increasing dialogue among different social strata in the interest of social stability and development.


Resolution on Balanced Economic and Social Development

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