Resolution on Dialogues between Different Cultures and Civilizations


12th Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum
12-14 January 2004

Resolution on Dialogues between Different Cultures and Civilizations


(submitted by China)

The 12th Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum,

Taking note of the fact that the human society has created various civilizations in its long course of development and that cultural diversity is the basic feature of human society;

Stressing that cultural diversity remains the driving force for progress of human civilization, and the real source of innovation, inspiration and advancement. An open mind to other cultures is the prerequisite for the harmonious coexistence among different civilizations, and facilitates the development of the civilization;

Taking note of the fact that globalization brings the world both opportunities and challenges. On the one hand, the understanding, exchanges and communication among various peoples have increased; on the other hand, racism, xenophobia, and prejudice lead to more disputes in the world;

Emphasizing that respect for cultural diversity and dialogue among different civilizations serve to facilitate mutual understanding and harmony among various peoples, eliminate misunderstanding and reduce possibilities of conflicts and wars, strengthen all-round development of international cooperation and promote constant progress of human society. Parliaments and parliamentarians of all countries have an important role to play.


I. Call on all Governments to recognize more deeply the challenges facing various national cultures in the process of globalization, and opportunities to be used by the Governments and societies in promoting the dialogue among various civilizations.

II. Stress the importance of protecting and promoting material and non-material heritage, by adopting policies to support cultural undertakings and industries (including publishing, film-making, audio products and music industry).

III. Encourage all Governments to expand their courses relating to respect for various cultures and civilizations, language teaching, histories and philosophies of different civilizations, and encourage the exchange of knowledge, information and scholarships between Governments and between civil societies, in order to promote exchanges between artists and other cultural workers aimed at deeper understanding of different cultures and civilizations.

IV. Invite various Governments and the United Nations organs, including UNESCO and other relevant international organizations, to strengthen cooperation, further speed up the planning and execution of appropriate cultural, educational and social projects, with a view to facilitating dialogue among different civilizations, and welcome the proposal of UNESCO to draft a convention on cultural diversity.

V. Strengthen the work of the APPF relating to dialogue among different civilizations, and promote exchanges and understanding among civilizations in the Asia-Pacific Region.





Resolution on Dialogues between Different Cultures and Civilizations

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