Resolution on Disaster Management and Preparedness


10th Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum
6-9 January 2002

Resolution on Disaster Management and Preparedness


(submitted by Mexico and Philippines)


Cognizant that most of the world’s natural disasters occur in Asia and the Pacific, causing enormous destruction and human suffering especially in developing countries;

Concerned that man’s destructive use of the environment has increased each country’s vulnerability to natural hazards, and has exacerbated the disasters’ impact on society;

Mindful that losses from natural disasters reduce the pace of sustained economic development and often lead to heavy drain on available resources;

Recognizing that the greater capacity to predict the nature, extent and timing of potentially disastrous events, the less likely that their consequences will be disastrous in human terms;

Noting that it is only when governments, organizations and individuals work together that levels of preparedness are likely to be attained, enabling people to respond appropriately when disaster is imminent;

Recalling the different government’s policies and programmes, with corresponding legislation and administrative mechanisms to pursue disaster prevention and post-impact response; and

Reaffirming the resolution on natural disasters and civil protection during the Ninth Meeting of APPF held in Valparaiso, Chile in January 2001;


Encourage member countries to formulate environmental education programs necessary to change the values of peoples towards the sustainable use of the environment;

Urge member countries to design the appropriate mechanism for the creation, within the framework of the regional organization of Asia Pacific, of a fund with economic resources for the purpose of managing, under an integrated perspective that includes approaches for preparedness, education, rescue and reconstruction, the problems of the countries of the region affected by the presence of natural catastrophes, hazards and disasters;

Urge all parliamentarians of member countries to stimulate more effort in disaster policymaking, and to undertake an in-depth review of applicable national legislation on matters of natural disaster and civil defense in order to adequately provide an institutional structure responsible for managing and mitigating the effects of disasters;

Urge member countries to prepare the maps of areas posing tremendous hazards, like locations of active volcanoes, earthquake faults, etc., and risk evaluation reports so that they can be used to carry out cooperative action;

Call on the highly industrialized member countries to provide the necessary technical assistance to assist the developing member countries to gain a better understanding of disaster risks and vulnerability to natural hazards;

Call on APPF to establish an international network adapted to the national authorities charged with disaster preparedness for the purpose of sharing real-time information on the status of the environment and natural phenomena likely to present hazards; and

Call on APPF to create within the APOINT project a special site which will provide the member parliamentarians easy access to the laws and regulations on matters of Disaster Management and Preparedness in their respective countries and enable them to track and manage disasters effectively.

January 9, 2002, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA




Resolution on Disaster Management and Preparedness

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