Resolution on El Niño Phenomenon


7th Annual Asia Pacific Parliamentary Meeting
11-14 January 1999

Resolution on El Niño Phenomenon


(jointly submitted by the Peruvian and Indonesian Delegations)

The 7th Annual Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Parliamentary Forum,

Understanding that the national endeavor of those countries affected by El Niño have been insufficient due to the magnitude of this natural disaster, and therefore, they require international cooperation and solidarity to give support , in particular, to reconstruction efforts,

Sympathetic to those people most affected by El Niño, and who suffered the loss of their families, housing, and working tools during the span of the phenomenon,

Concurring with the urgent need for APPF member countries affected by El Niño to approach the treatment of the problem with concerted regional cooperation as well as a comprehensive strategy.

Resolves to:

Urge the international community, and especially the multilateral organizations to provide financial as well as technical assistance needed by those countries adversely affected by El Niño,

Recommend that APPF member countries undertake medium-term preventive measures in coordination with the international communities with a view to create conditions that would help to minimize the effects of this recurring phenomenon,

Encourage the scientific and technological community to continue the studies on El Niño, with the purpose of dealing more successfully with it in the years to come keeping the best interests of the population and the countries concerned,

Express our sympathy and solidarity with all those peoples who suffered the painful experience of losing their families and property during the most dramatic moments of the phenomenon.

Call On members of APPF to set up environmental agencies that incorporate governments, universities, professional organizations, experts, and members of parliaments to study together the El Niño and La Niña phenomenon.


Resolution on El Niño Phenomenon

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