Resolution on Energy Security


20th Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum
8-12 January 2012

Resolution on Energy Security



(Co-Sponsored by Australia, Mexico)


Reaffirming the commitments made by the Parliamentarians of the Asia-Pacific Parliamentary Forum on energy security through the resolutions adopted at the preceding meetings, particularly the Seventeenth, Eighteenth and Nineteenth Annual Meetings;

Recognizing the fundamental role of energy security in underpinning economic development in the Asia-Pacific region and the world as a whole;

Noting that feed-in tariff schemes for renewable energy are in use in around 70 countries; that such schemes have spurred major growth in terms of the new development of untapped domestic renewable energies, as well as the development of related business, with the expansion of economic and employment effects promoting local economic revitalization;

Recognizing further that international cooperation for the promotion of renewable energies, including technology development, technology transfer to less-developed countries (LDCs), the development of international standards, and investment promotion and other support measures, will be critical in accelerating the development and utilization of renewable energies; as well as the importance of discussion on the identification and prioritization of key issues;

Realizing the increasingly important role that the Asia-Pacific region will play in growth in global energy markets;

Recognizing that access to adequate, reliable, affordable, diverse and clean energy is vital for the economic, social and environmental prosperity of less developed nations in the region;

Noting the numerous challenges facing energy security including the increasing global demand for energy, the volatility of fuel prices, political and social unrest in some fuel supplying regions and the world’s continued dependency on non-renewable and fossil fuels;

Noting that recent disruptions to the global energy supply highlight the importance of countries working collectively and co-operatively to ensure access to secure and sustainable energy supplies;

Considering that regional energy security and sustainable energy supply can be achieved through long-term economic and financial cooperation between countries in the Asia-Pacific region, and recognizing that this will lead to free and open energy trade, increased innovation and enhanced efficient energy markets;

Recognizing that cooperation in innovation and the development of clean technologies contributes to energy security and sustainable economic growth;

Recognizing that fossil fuel subsidies may encourage excessive consumption, reduce energy security and reduce investment in clean energy sources and limit innovation in clean technology;

Stressing the importance of cooperation against the challenges related to climate change at regional and global levels;

Recognizing that market mechanisms including carbon pricing may be key drivers in transitioning to clean energy in the years ahead, and may encourage investment in clean energy technologies;


1. Recognize the importance of energy security in sustaining economic development and social and political stability;

2. Reaffirm the importance of achieving energy security through the promotion of open and competitive markets, and free and fair trade and investment;

3. Promote stability and efficiency in energy markets by advancing efforts to create transparent, predictable and efficient national energy policies and regulatory environments;

4. Call on APPF member governments to accelerate the deployment of safe renewable and other low-carbon energy technologies.

5. Urge APPF member governments to promote energy dialogue based on the principles of transparency, mutual trust, reciprocity and nondiscrimination.

6. Emphasize the need to share experiences in the field of modern energy technologies and best practices to develop renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy storage including cooperation in research and development.

7. Call on APPF member governments to promote awareness about saving energy in homes and in industry to achieve benefits to the environment.

8. Call on APPF member governments to improve the regulations and safety standards in places of production of energy, especially nuclear plants and fossil fuel power stations in areas at high-risk of natural disasters.

9. Call on APPF member governments to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the balance between food production and bioenergy production, to ensure the primacy of the former.

10. Call on developed APPF member countries to assist developing APPF member countries, especially LDCs, in developing renewable energies.


Resolution on Energy Security

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