Resolution on Environment and Development


11th Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum
13-15 January 2003

Resolution on Environment and Development


(submitted by Australia, Japan and The Philippines)

Reaffirming that the environment is a vital issue for the world, and mankind;

Emphasizing that the global warming, which affects climate, ecosystem and mankind, is a serious issue;

Recognizing that the supportive relation between protection of environment and economic development is of concern to all nations;

Acknowledging that the key for sustainable development is educating people;

Noting the importance of self-help efforts of developing countries in the reduction of poverty;

Respecting the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the Kyoto Protocol, and "the Johannesburg Declaration for Sustainable Development" and "WSSD Plan of Implementation", the latter two of which were released on the Fourth of September in 2002; and

Welcoming the partnership initiatives voluntarily undertaken by some Governments, intergovernmental organizations and major groups;

Acknowledging that trade is an important engine of economic growth and sustainable development;

Emphasizing the integral importance of international cooperation to promote sustainable development;


1. Declare to the international community that international cooperation is indispensable in tackling environmental problems. Encourage the establishment of common rules in which all countries, both developed and developing, participate so as to ensure the effectiveness of actions against global warming, hoping that all countries will conclude the final Kyoto Protocol, which would be a major step in strengthening international actions, given the concerns about rapidly increasing greenhouse gases emissions;

2. Call upon the APPF member countries to cooperate not only with public sectors such as governments, but also with the private sector including NGOs, to find solutions to these problems and to take action, as appropriate, to ensure the effective follow-up of the "Johannesburg Plan of Implementation";

3. Confirm that sharing experiences of successes and failures is an effective tool for education in sustainable development, and call upon APPF members to communicate at all levels in the hope of broadening support for self-help efforts among developing countries in the education of their children.

 4. Call on all APPF member countries, especially the developed ones to provide new and additional financial assistance to the developing countries, based on their self-help efforts, in accordance with the commitments made during the Rio and Johannesburg Summits; and

5. Encourage regular dialogue among APPF Countries for an action-oriented plan with targets, definite timeframe and clear accountabilities to guide efforts towards environmental protection and sustainable development.


Resolution on Environment and Development

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