Resolution on Food Security Cooperation in Asia Pacific


21st Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum
27-31 January 2013

Resolution on Food Security Cooperation in Asia Pacific


(Sponsored by Australia, Canada, Indonesia and the Russian Federation)


Noting the Resolution APPF20/RES/10 «Food security» adopted at the 20th Annual Meeting of the APPF in January 2012 as well as the progress in the implementation of the “Kazan Declaration” of the APEC Ministerial Meeting on Food Security in May 2012 and the G20’s “Action Plan on Food Price Volatility and Agriculture”;

Recognizing growing challenges to regional and global food security;

Recognizing also the right of everyone to have access to safe, sufficient and nutritious food;

Considering that as far as the world population continues to grow, reducing the number of undernourished people by raising food production, improving the access to food and improving the efficiency and openness of food markets will require more concerted international, regional and national efforts;

Stressing the need to create an enabling environment that encourages increased public and private investment in agriculture and the important role of public-private partnerships in the field of investment;

Emphasizing the increasing importance of encouraging the development and implementation of safe innovative agricultural technologies since land, water, forest and other natural resources are limited; acknowledging Ecuador’s constitutional provisions for “food sovereignty” to the extent that does not contravene norms of free trade and obligations under the WTO;

Emphasizing also that the implementation of innovative agricultural technologies requires a significant increase of long-term investment into agricultural research and development, along with the adoption of transparent, science-based regulatory approaches for innovative agricultural technologies that are consistent with international obligations;

Acknowledging that a more open, stable, predictable and rules-based agricultural trading system has a crucial role to play in strengthening food security;

Acknowledging also that effective agricultural market monitoring and exchange of reliable data and information on production volumes, consumption, trade and food reserves will enhance market transparency and predictability and mitigate the adverse effects of volatility of food prices;

Recalling the high vulnerability of the countries of the Asia Pacific region to natural disasters and climate change;

Noting that deeper involvement of all relevant stakeholders into APPF’s food security efforts will contribute significantly to achieving the goals in that area;


1. Promote international and regional efforts in addressing food security challenges in the Asia Pacific as a key part of sustainable regional growth, and encourage the APEC Leaders’ determination, expressed at the Vladivostok summit, to develop food markets infrastructure, reduce post-harvest losses along the entire food supply chain, ensure fair and open markets, reduce price volatility, and establish greater regional and global food security, including in emergency situations;

2. Call upon Governments in collaboration with multilateral organizations, donors, and industry as appropriate to provide for increasing sustainable agricultural production and productivity, including through further liberalization of trade, facilitating investment and developing global agricultural and food markets to improve opportunities for developing country farmers to supply local and world markets, promoting sustainable farming and fishery practices and farmers’ access to cultivable land and quality seeds, enhancing food safety, improving access to food for vulnerable groups, and improving farmers’ welfare;

3. Recommend Governments take concrete actions to raise productivity in agriculture by boosting investment and adopting innovative technologies in agriculture;

4. Recommend Governments promote technical, scientific and technological cooperation, in order to increase agricultural productivity growth in the region, including through better coordination, interaction and capacity building among research institutes and innovation centers, and regional networks;

5. Support the implementation of capacity building programs focused on basic knowledge and skills in food and agricultural industries, including in post-harvest industries, and promote the utilization of communication technology to disseminate information on agriculture in order to develop farming and agricultural skills of small farmers in rural communities, and thereby ensure their equitable participation in the agricultural sector and increase their competitiveness and productivity;

6. Urge the Parliaments of the Governments of the APPF Member States to encourage, also by adoption of relevant legislation, dissemination and utilization of innovative technologies by farmers in an effective and voluntary manner;

7. Support the establishment of the Policy Partnership on Food Security (PPFS) within the APEC and the outcomes of its meeting in 2012 in Kazan, Russia.


Resolution on Food Security Cooperation in Asia Pacific

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