Resolution on Fostering Eradication of Child Labor


19th Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum
23-27 January 2011

Resolution on Fostering Eradication of Child Labor



(Sponsored by Mexico)


Concerned because the child labor has grown to become a global phenomenon, one that goes against internationally acknowledged children’s rights and violates international treaties on the rights of boys, girls and adolescents;

Recognizing that up to these days there are still countries where children work excessively long hours under conditions that threaten their access to education and to health services;

Considering that, in accordance to regional estimates by the International Labor Organization (ILO), the greatest number of working children are concentrated in the Asia-Pacific region (113.6 million), followed by Sub-Saharan Africa (65.1 million) and Latin America and the Caribbean (14.1 million) and that 5.6% of children in the Asia-Pacific region are exposed to dangerous kinds of work;

Adopting that we must constitute a united front for eradicating child labor, especially in the Southern Asia region, where the figures of working children are the highest;

Recognizing that the number of working children has gone down 10% as per research carried out by the ILO although, in the specific case of children between the ages of 5 and 14, this trend does not quite reach that percentage;

Accepting that we must intensify greater efforts in order to finally implement actions that allow boys and girls to have access to elementary education and comprehensive social protection system;

Aware of the need to create opportunities for productive labor for parents, so as to allow them to overcome poverty and gain access to a better standard of living, something which will no doubt will allow to separate children from their need to work;

Emphasizing that we must work more rapidly towards eradication of child labor and collaborate to attain the goal set by the International Labor Organization regarding the elimination of the worst forms of child labor by 2016;

Reaffirming commitment to eradicate child labor worldwide since millions of children are losing the opportunity of having a better future;

Remarking that for the execution of projects we need a specific plan with clear objectives, well-defined strategies, expected results and financial resources for implementing social protection and a prohibition of child labor;

Recalling that only through effective social dialogue and commitment by each country in the Asia-Pacific region will we be able to formulate the necessary conditions that allow guaranteeing decent working conditions and quality education for all;

Suggesting public policies that allow the eradication of child labor in order to ensure opportunities and conditions that allow girls, boys and adolescents optimal development which is a central factor for prosperity in the Asia-Pacific region;

Considering that Agreement 138 of the General Conference of the International Labor Organization regarding the minimum age for admittance to work in its 1st. Article states that “every member for which compliance of this Agreement is mandatory hereby commits to following a domestic policy ensuring the effective abolition of child labor and to gradually increase the minimum age for admittance to work to a level that ensures the most complete physical and mental development of minors”;

Remembering that the International Labor Organization Agreement 182 on the Prohibition of the Worst Forms of Child Labor and Immediate Action towards its Elimination states in its 1st. Article that “every member who ratifies the ILO Agreement must adopt immediate and effective measures to urgently attain the ban and elimination of the worst forms of child labor”;


  1. Recommend to governments to make a commitment to ensure access to a quality education to all boys, girls and adolescents.
  2. Exhort the parliaments to commit to take all necessary measures to face up the deep unemployment and lack of income endured by vast population sectors as a condition for ensuring the eradication of child labor and full compliance with mandatory schooling.
  3. Urge the parliaments to commit to discuss, analyze and adopt through their local legislation all regulating international instruments for the protection of boys’ and girls’ rights.
  4. Exhort the parliaments to commit to implement legislative actions for the purpose of preventing, decreasing and eradicating child labor.
  5. Encourage the fight against poverty and to implement health and education policies with a view to helping in the eradication of child labor in all its manifestations.
  6. Exhort parliamentarians and opinion leaders to carry out actions and speak out in favor of the eradication of child labor.
  7. Urge governments, businessmen/women, civilian organizations and workers to build programs and policies that contribute to the elimination of child labor.
  8. Encourage the development of social sensitivity and its mobilization, as well as the generation of knowledge and the implementation of follow-up mechanisms of the policies favoring the fight against child labor and its worst forms.
  9. Prioritize children in the preparation of domestic budgets and in the different activities of countries so as to ensure access to education, health care and every other factor that ensures their best development.


Resolution on Fostering Eradication of Child Labor

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