Resolution on Gender Equality


12th Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum
12-14 January 2004

Resolution on Gender Equality


(submitted by Japan)


Recalling that the Tenth Annual Meeting of the APPF adopted the Resolution on Gender Equality;

Reaffirming that forming a gender-equal society in which, while respecting one another as equal members of society, both men and women can share responsibilities and fully express their individuality and abilities regardless of gender is a value common to all humankind;

Re-acknowledging that the joint participation of men and women in political, social and economic development and their joint enjoyment of the benefits of development are essential from the perspective of supporting sustainable and balanced economic development in the Asia-Pacific region;

Noting the importance of various UN-related activities, including the holding of the 47th UN Commission on the Status of Women in March 2003;

Noting the Joint Ministerial Statement recommending the creation of mechanisms in the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation region for sustainable gender integration and Advancing Women’s Economic Interests and Opportunities, adopted by the APEC Second Ministerial Meeting on Women held in Mexico in September 2002; and

Mindful of the diversity that characterizes the Asia-Pacific region;


1. Call upon APPF countries to respect the value of gender equality and promote gender equality in order to realize sustainable and balanced economic development in the Asia-Pacific region;

2. Call upon APPF countries to positively contribute to the maximum extent possible to the various related activities being carried out by the United Nations, APEC, and other forums for the promotion of gender equality; and

3. Call upon APPF countries to continue to engage in the cooperation for social and economic development that takes into account the participation and interests of women.

4. Call upon APPF countries to take affirmative actions for the elimination of discrimination against women, including the quota system for women, in order to increase women’s participation in policy making process.




Resolution on Gender Equality

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