Resolution on Infectious Diseases


11th Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum
13-15 January 2003

Resolution on Infectious Diseases


(submitted by The Philippines)

Alarmed with the threatening infectious diseases that have emerged in the past decades which are taxing the already depleted global health network;

Noting that some of these diseases are transmitted by the lack of environmental safeguards; unsafe water and unclean surroundings among others facilitate the breading of disease vectors such as mosquitoes and contaminated food;

Realizing that the extent of nutritional deficiency or malnutrition cannot be discounted since the increases and a person’s vulnerability to sickness and thus leads to morbidity and mortality;

Cognizant of the efficacy of vaccinations against childhood illnesses such as but nor limited to, measles, diphtheria, polio, typhoid fever, and severe form of pneumonia, as attested by the World Health Organization, the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, and other international health agencies, hereby:


1. Calls on member countries to educate and empower their people to make healthy choices that involve nutritious diets, regular physical activity, and voluntary avoidance of risk factors that contribute to acquiring infectious diseases;

2. Encourages member countries to observe the maintenance of clean and healthy surrounds and ensure that communities have access to clean water, pollution and garbage-free surroundings and safe foods to help prevent, control, and minimize the threat of many of the actual biological terrors that confront peoples;

3. Urges the governments of APPF member countries to support the efforts of various health organizations to increase vaccine coverage to prevent biological threats not only to children but also to adults and adolescents particularly those exposed to high risk because of occupation and lifestyle.

4. Urge local and multi-national pharmaceutical companies to produce drugs at an affordable price in order to increase the accessibilities of these drugs in the developing nations.


Resolution on Infectious Diseases

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