Resolution on Information Technology and Education


10th Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum
6-9 January 2002

Resolution on Information Technology and Education


(submitted by Republic of Korea, Mexico Mongolia and Philippines)


Cognizant of the fact that education is an investment in the future and constitutes a vital component of any strategy for reducing poverty;

Recognizing the leading role of information technology in the promotion of education;

Noting that the information technology sector is the key to every APPF member country's ability to recover faster from regional economic crisis and to compete in the global economy;

Mindful that there is a need to re-engineer the educational system of member countries to enable them to produce a large pool of information technology professionals who will lead and manage a technology-driven economy in the Asia-Pacific Region; and

Aware of the influence of information technology and computer network over industrial society in the 21st century, APPF started Asia-Pacific Open Information Network (APOINT 21) project in 1998;


Urge governments of member countries to support access to education for all individuals, to make it a priority and commit the resources necessary to achieve this goal;

Encourage Governments and Parliaments of member countries to give full support in promoting technology advancement and expansion of knowledge in information technology as broadly as possible to all educational institutions at all levels;

Call on Governments, business communities and non-governmental organizations of the member countries to provide all support and assistance to each other in introducing modern information technology broadly in the educational sector;

Urge the APPF to form a working group dedicated to preparing a report on the status of educational evaluation systems in the member countries in order to have available adequate indicators which will provide information on the situation of the educational systems in their respective countries which will be useful in evaluating the educational level in the Asia Pacific region;

Call upon member countries to work towards a goal of total information technology literacy and the completion of activities aimed at electronically interconnecting all educational institutions in the Asia-Pacific Region by the year 2010;

Urge our parliaments and governments to provide every support to communications among teachers, students and schoolchildren through information network;

Call upon the parliaments of all APPF member states to strengthen measures to prevent Information Technology crimes such as unauthorized access and downloading of private information and transactions; and

Support APOINT 21 as the basis to efficiently implement inter-parliamentary information exchange mechanism and optimize technical training programs that cover the basic learning and training requirements in the use of information technology services.

January 9, 2002, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA


Resolution on Information Technology and Education

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