Resolution on Intensive Cooperation for Ensuring the Innovative Growth


21st Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum
27-31 January 2013

Resolution on Intensive Cooperation for Ensuring the Innovative Growth


(Sponsored by Chile and Mexico)


Recognizing innovation development as one of the key factors of economic growth and prosperity;

Conscious that in order to promote innovation, to create new and unique combinations of inputs and to implement advanced technological, organizational and other solutions, it is necessary to effectively combine the potential of all APPF members;

Noting that the 2010 APEC Leaders' Growth Strategy emphasizes the need to contribute to Innovative Growth by improving the Research & Development environment and effectively provide policy and regulatory infrastructure conducive to innovation;

Committed to supporting micro, small and medium enterprises (SMME) in order to promote innovation, leadership, economic growth, employment and expansion;


1. Support various formats of cooperation among governments, scientists, and business people aimed at promoting innovation and addressing issues that impact specific innovative technologies, including such formats as the newly established APEC Policy Partnership on Science, Technology and Innovation, continued activities in the framework of the APEC Life Sciences Innovation Forum and the Innovation Technology Dialogues;

2. Assist to strengthen cooperation among innovators of the APPF members to boost the accumulated innovative potential and improve innovation capacity of the Asia-Pacific region;

3. Promote the establishment of an executive-level body of regional research cooperation which gathers on an annual basis the scientific advisors of member states in order to encourage the flow of information and learning from successful practices in the different member states;

4. Urge governments to implement strategies to promote effective, nondiscriminatory, and market-driven domestic innovation policies, and to exchange and identify best practices on that matter;

5. Promote an innovation-friendly environment and strengthen intellectual property protection and enforcement that provide for and facilitate the incentives that encourage creativity and innovation;

6. Boost legislation updates among the APPF Member States in order to standardize the patent registration codes, as well as the protection of copyright in all member states;

7. Exchange legislative experience so as to support projects in industries with high initial costs and high added value such as space and aeronautics;

8. Affirm the commitment to enhance SMME’s development as a source of innovative ideas and expand their capacity to innovate, including by means of exchange of experiences and business contacts among the APPF Member States;

9. Stress the importance of supporting start-ups and young entrepreneurs through various mechanisms, such as the APEC Science Prize for Innovation, Research and Education (ASPIRE);

10. Call on governments of the APPF members to facilitate women’s participation and empowerment in the innovative economy by enhancing business opportunities, fostering engagement in innovation and promoting investment in human capital.


Resolution on Intensive Cooperation for Ensuring the Innovative Growth

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