Resolution on Iraq


11th Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum
13-15 January 2003

Resolution on Iraq


(submitted by Canada)

Recognizing that the International Community is justly concerned and involved with the threat that weapons of mass destruction, atomic, biological and/or chemical may be used by a nation state or by non-state entities to attack the peace, security and well being of other people;

Recognizing that such weapons of mass destruction should be limited in possession as much as is possible in the International Community and in any event their possession should be known and transparent to the International Community for the greater security of all;

Recognizing that the United Nations Security Council has since 1991 put in place economic sanctions against Iraq because of Iraq’s unwillingness to disclose and destroy weapons of mass destruction;

Recognizing that Iraq has resisted all measures of the United Nations to inspect Iraq’s potential for the use of weapons of mass destruction and has only recently permitted United Nations’ inspection as a result of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1441;


1. Give unqualified endorsement to United Nations Security Council Resolution 1441;

2. Urge Iraq to comply fully and without reservation to an open and transparent inspection and disclosure as required by Resolution 1441 and previous other Security Council Resolutions;

3. Caution Iraq against the possession of weapons of mass destruction in the interest of the security and stability of the world as a whole;

4. Urge all member states to take no unilateral action against Iraq unless covered by United Nations Resolution or the Charter itself;

5. Support the elimination of weapons of mass destruction and to consider a combined multi-lateral solution to the problem; and

6. Support the work of the IAEA and the United Nations Inspectors.



Resolution on Iraq

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