Resolution on Promoting Cultural, Education and Personal Exchanges in the Asia-Pacific Region


20th Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum
8-12 January 2012

Resolution on Promoting Cultural, Education and Personal Exchanges in the Asia-Pacific Region



(Co-Sponsored by Australia and Japan)


Recalling the APPF Vancouver Declaration which encourages mutual understanding and confidence building among countries;

Recognizing the significance of the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development;

Recognizing the role of APPF in providing a regular and unique opportunity for national parliamentarians to come together in the spirit of regional cooperation;

Emphasizing that today’s interconnected world is also one of unparalleled opportunity to develop greater cultural, educational and social exchange between our countries;

Considering that culture and education are sources of development for each country;

Highlighting the role of education in fostering deeper cultural and social understanding between countries;

Emphasizing that personal exchanges promote cultural diversity, which contributes to the realization of international peace and freedom;

Recognizing that development of human resources with global perspectives and a sustainable development orientation is an important measure to solve many cross-border issues;

Noting that tourism promotes personal exchanges and has social and economic importance in matters such as the creation of jobs, reduction of poverty and conservation of the environment;

Believing that intercultural and interfaith dialogue contributes to the promotion of tolerance and understanding in the increasingly-globalized international society and to the strengthening of moral and family values;

Cognizant that understanding and tolerance between countries can provide the basis for strengthening regional relationships;


  1. Reaffirm the commitment by APPF Member States to promote a culture of tolerance and respect for cultural dynamism, embracing diversity as a decisive advantage;
  2. Call upon APPF Member countries to work collaboratively to develop and share common strategies, policies and programs which facilitate cultural, educational and personal exchanges between their citizens and citizens from other countries;
  3. Call upon member countries to continue necessary support for the preservation and promotion of intangible and tangible cultural assets and heritage;
  4. Promote the value of including relevant state and non-state stakeholders, including local governments and communities, business encompassing small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and local enterprises, and non-government organizations, in the
    collaboration process;
  5. Call upon the governments and related institutions of member countries to create educational systems that will promote cross-border personal exchanges and to make efforts for the support of educational exchange programs;
  6. Encourage governmental and non-governmental institutions to support and increase the number of education exchange program scholarships, including those with a focus on regional language and regional cultural studies;
  7. Call upon governments and related institutions to further promote education and learning in a diverse range of educational areas, including the environment, energy, and international understanding, with the aim of achieving sustainable development and
    recognizing the importance of education quality and standards;
  8. Request the governments of member countries to expand opportunities for cultural and educational exchanges using information and communication technology and also to actively work toward bridging the digital divide and strengthening cyber security;
  9. Call upon the governments of member countries to implement measures to facilitate movement of people among them, while ensuring domestic security;
  10. Call upon the governments of member countries to make efforts to formulate and implement tourism policy that focuses further on the promotion of regional culture and personal exchanges;
  11. Call upon member countries to support the activities aimed at promoting intercultural and interfaith dialogue;
  12. Explore the application of innovative technologies to further promote unity in diversity and regional understanding;
  13. Confirm that parliamentarians should continue to exchange views on this matter at the annual meetings of the APPF in order to share the best practice of each country.


Resolution on Promoting Cultural, Education and Personal Exchanges in the Asia-Pacific Region

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