Resolution on Promotion of Education


11th Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum
13-15 January 2003

Resolution on Promotion of Education


(submitted by Japan)

Recognizing that education, in terms of education within the family, schools, society, and in various other forms, represents the foundation for the creation of personality and for nation-building, consisting of the establishment of bases in various sectors, including the environment, economy and industry, and culture and the arts;

Recognizing that amid the trend of globalization it is extremely important to foster talent, especially among the younger generation, in order to facilitate the quest for sustainable development in all APPF nations;

Recognizing that educational interchange and cooperation is essential to go beyond the political and economic dimensions in seeking mutual understanding among member countries and the solution of global issues;


1. Call upon the governments of all member states and international agencies concerned to recognize the importance of education and to strenuously promote efforts for the spread of basic education and educational cooperation with developing nations and regions;

2. Call upon the governments of all member states to actively involve themselves in education for sustainable development through participation in the U.N. Decade of Education for Sustainable Development adopted by the 57th U.N. General Assembly;

3. Call upon the governments of all member nations and institutions of higher education to promote exchanges of foreign students in all aspects, and to that end to actively participate in and support UMAP (University Mobility in Asia and Pacific).



Resolution on Promotion of Education

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