Resolution on Reform and Future Work of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum


19th Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum
23-27 January 2011

Resolution on Reform and Future Work of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum



(Sponsored by Australia and New Zealand and Canada)



Noting that the meetings preparatory to the formation of the APPF were held in 1991, that the APPF has met each year from 1993,and that its foundation documents comprise the Tokyo Declaration (1993), the Manila Declaration (1994), the Vancouver Declaration (1997) and the Valparaiso Declaration (2001);

Having regard to the changes experienced in the region since the inception of the APPF, and the adoption of the Rules of Procedure in 1994, and committing to the Forum’s continued relevance and cohesion, exemplified by ‘commitment to frank and constructive dialogue’ and ‘equal respect for views of all participants’;

Recognising the role of the APPF in providing a regular and unique platform for national parliamentarians to come together and debate matters of regional and global significance in an atmosphere of goodwill and mutual respect;

Noting the efforts made by parliaments of the region to contribute to annual meetings by the preparations made for delegates, hosting of annual meetings,  and participation in debate and negotiation on resolutions;

Reaffirming the need for the APPF to honour the sustained commitment of delegations and to respond to current challenges by seizing opportunities to strengthen the Forum’s structure and procedures;

Underlining the need for a full commitment by all member parliaments to the APPF and its vision;

Welcoming the Honorary President’s call for contributions to a review of the APPF with the aim of enhancing its effectiveness and relevance and looking forward to full implementation based on proposals received from APPF member countries;


  1. Call upon APPF members to consider the aims and priorities of this significant forum and to ensure that its renewed vision and objectives are reflected in a declaration that acknowledges the successes of the past and illustrates the path chosen by its members for future success;
  2. Support efforts by APPF members to reconsider the Rules of Procedure, to revise them to the extent necessary to ensure they are comprehensive and clear, reflecting the agreed structure and manner of conduct of annual meetings, and providing certainty for Chairs and participants;
  3. Consider in detail the adequacy of the Rules of Procedure to address situations of continuing non-attendance at meetings by member countries; the recording of dissenting views or abstentions as part of the consensus; the completion of debate on an item in the plenary before the Drafting Committee settles a resolution; and the attendance and advocacy at the Drafting Committee by countries that have submitted draft resolutions; and
  4. Reaffirm the commitment by APPF members to play their part in the Forum’s contribution to cooperation, stability and prosperity in the Asia Pacific region.



Resolution on Reform and Future Work of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum

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