Resolution on Regional Cooperation in Youth Policies in Asia Pacific


21st Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum
27-31 January 2013

Resolution on Regional Cooperation in Youth Policies in Asia Pacific


(Sponsored by the Russian Federation)


Confirming the commitment to the goals of The World Programme of Action for Youth, approved by the United Nations (UN) in 1995, which consolidated framework of policies and action principles of the countries, support of it by the world community to improve the conditions of life for younger generation, support to the Lisbon Declaration on Youth Policies and Programmes approved at World Conference of Ministers responsible for Youth, in Lisbon (Portugal) in 1998;

Noting the International Year of Youth from August 2010 to August 2011 proclaimed by the UN;

Taking into account the outcomes of the World Youth Forum of UN System, youth forums in the Asia Pacific region including APEC Youth Festival in Vladivostok in 2012, and the Inter-Parliamentary Union resolution “Youth Participation in the Democratic Process” adopted in Bangkok at the 122nd session in 2010;

Pointing out that the youth are our main treasure, and that they have a great positive potential for progress of the society and thus the APPF Member States should pay more attention to youth’s problems and needs, to consider youth’s opinion while the authorities of any level make the decisions that affects rights and legal interests of the younger generation;

Considering involvement of the youth – the main participants in country’s future life – into varied life of the society, increase of their social, civil and political activeness, development of their self-organization and self-governance should be considered as one of state policy’s priority in 21st century;

Emphasizing the youth’s increasing role in social-political processes and their aspiration for active participation in the life of the society, administration of the state affairs and resolution of vital problems;

Acknowledging that participation of youth leaders from the APPF Member States in the promotion of international youth cooperation, youth parliamentarism and public diplomacy can become an effective tool for integration, build up among the youth of the relations based on friendship, peace and concord on national and international levels;

Recognizing that the formulation and implementation of strategies, policies, programmes and actions in favour of the youth are the responsibility of each country and should take into account the economic, social and other diversity of conditions in each country, with full respect for the various religious and ethical values;

Believing that adequate support of the youth nowadays, even in times of economical crisis, may be the best investment that can be done to secure the united, fair and prosperous society;


1. Encourage the APPF Member States to continue consideration of challenging problems of the younger generation at the APPF annual meetings; to further extend such considerations’ format toward participation of members of national parliaments, representatives of the youth parliamentary structures, youth public associations and experts from the APPF Member States for the purpose of common consideration of the important problems of the youth and elaboration of decisions for those problems, development of inter-generation dialog, exchange of skills, increase of the youth’s interest to the APPF activities;

2. Encourage further harmonization of youth policy related national legislation including that in the area of the youth’s education in the spirit of mutual respect and tolerance, creation of necessary conditions for more complete realization of youth’s rights in social, economic, political and other spheres;

3. Urge the Parliaments of the APPF Member States to encourage the youth’s further involvement in parliamentary activities, build up the youth’s legal culture, social and civil engagement;

4. Recommend the Parliaments and Governments of the APPF Member States to extend the practice of creation of “social lift” for youth in every possible way by organizing the youth’s standing consultative and advisory bodies such as youth parliaments, councils or forums under local, regional and (or) national authorities to provide the youth the possibility to participate in youth-related decision-making;

5. Consider it viable to hold a “roundtable discussion” on the issue of “Encouraging Participation of the Youth in Democratic Process and Structures and their involvement into the processes of state power decision-making related to the youth’s rights and interests” in the framework of 22nd APPF annual meeting;

6. Encourage to expand budget funding of youth policy and also to extend quantity of grants to support youth programmes and projects;

7. Emphasize the necessity to promote development of cooperation between educational institutes, youth and student organizations;

8. Encourage stimulating cooperation of national authorities with the youth unions as regards increasing the youth’s mobility, securing its access to cultural heritage by promotion of youth tourism, expansion of rebate networks for the youth;

9. Support determination to expand possibilities and to provide necessary support to the youth in business start up and small enterprise development;

10. Recommend the APPF Member States Parliaments to engage programmes aimed to reduce the youth’s unemployment and promote the demand of youth on the labour market;

11. Urge to create all necessary conditions to get the young persons with disabilities involved into public, social, economic and cultural activities and in sports;

12. Stress the necessity of the efforts to introduce the youth to the cultural heritage and family values, to lift up the youth’s morale and intellectual level;

13. Encourage to develop communication between the youth and the youth associations of the APPF Member States by means of videoconferences, meetings, exchanges, training programs, educational seminars, master classes etc.;

14. Recommend the APPF Member States Parliaments and Governments to carry out the programmes aimed on strengthening the peace, friendship and cooperation based relations among the APPF members’ and other countries’ youth;

15. Encourage all stakeholders to pay proper attention to the youth’s problems and needs, reveal of the youth’s creative potential, and support of the younger generation’s aspiration to be active members of society.


Resolution on Regional Cooperation in Youth Policies in Asia Pacific

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