Resolution on Security: International Dimensions


10th Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum
6-9 January 2002

Resolution on Security: International Dimensions


(submitted by Australia)


Observing the consideration in the Tokyo Declaration that interdependence and regional cohesion is growing within the Asia Pacific, providing a sound basis for increased regional cooperation and that the APPF could contribute to the region's peace, stability and prosperity;

Recalling the determination expressed in the Vancouver Declaration, to make the Asia-Pacific community a common house where people can lead peaceful and prosperous lives; to which goal the APPF could help by promoting cooperation in regional politics, security, the economy, and culture with a view to resolving and preventing problems facing the region;

Reiterating the determination expressed in the Vancouver Declaration to support a cooperative approach to handling tensions and potential problems, as exemplified by the ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF), and to conduct political and security dialogue at a variety of levels and through different channels using existing bilateral and multilateral relationships;

Preserving relations among the countries in Asia-Pacific, and particularly mutual respect for the independence, sovereignty, equality, territorial integrity and national identity of all nations;

Acknowledging the recognition in the Vancouver Declaration that terrorism, trade in illicit narcotics, money laundering, internationally organised crime syndicates and such like activities must be outlawed either through existing laws or through the enactment of appropriate legislation, the implementation of effective enforcement and fostering of closer international cooperation, to better guarantee the social welfare of our communities, the economies of our nations and the political and national security of the region;

Acknowledging that illegal immigration, people smuggling and people trafficking are such like activities of global scope that threaten the capacity of states to control their borders, which is the sovereign right and legitimate interest of each country;

Recognizing that, as with other aspects of international crime, people smugglers and traffickers may undermine judicial and policing processes and may compromise the rights of those victims of people smugglers who have protection needs;

Recognizing that no country alone can deal successfully with people smuggling and trafficking, recalls Resolution 17 of the 9th Annual Meeting of APPF, which stressed the need for all States, and other international bodies to share the responsibility in seeking durable and timely solutions to the problem of refugees in joint efforts to prevent conditions that might give rise to the flight of refugees, and to address the root causes of refugee outflows, particularly in the countries of origin; and

Noting the Bangkok Declaration on Irregular Migration of 23 April 1999, as the basis for regional cooperation in combating people smuggling and trafficking in the Asia Pacific region;


Call upon all States to recognise the need for coordinated approaches to the issues of people smuggling and people trafficking, especially through information sharing, cooperation between agencies, capacity building and strengthening legal and administrative frameworks;

Urge all states to examine their border controls to ensure that all practicable measures are being taken to prevent people smuggling and other transnational crimes;

Urge all states to ensure that mechanisms to deter and disrupt people smugglers and traffickers and to intercept their clients include measures to identify and safeguard the needs of those people requiring the protection of the international community;

Call upon all states to intensify their efforts to introduce and enforce penalties for people smuggling and people trafficking;

Urge all states to assist in the timely return of undocumented illegal immigrants, so as to reduce the incentive for people smuggling; and

Recommend the active participation in regional consultative mechanisms, such as the inter-governmental Asia Pacific Consultations on Refugees, Displaced Persons and Migrants, to ensure a strategic regional approach to dealing with irregular migration and humanitarian issues.

January 8, 2002, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA


Resolution on Security: International Dimensions

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