Resolution on Sustainable Development: Financing for Development


12th Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum
12-14 January 2004

Resolution on Sustainable Development: Financing for Development


(submitted by Indonesia, Mexico)

The 12th Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum,

Recognizing that poverty is the result of several economic, political, social, and cultural factors that through their interaction generate vulnerability and lack of capacity of expression, action and representation;

Stressing that the asymmetries of the emerging international economic order, the governance of international affairs, the current situation of the world economic and other global issues have unfavorable effects on developing countries;

Aware that at present more than one billion people live in absolute poverty and that they are left aside from any involvement in politics, the economy or the cultural life of the world society,

Considering that in the last decade of the XX century, the world society made the decision to face the economic, political, social and cultural challenges of the new millennium, particularly the struggle against poverty and its effects, defining a global development agenda derived from a series of world meetings promoted by the United Nations Organization;

Recognizing also that in the “Millennium Summit” organized by the UN and held in September of the year 2000, 189 nations approved the Millennium Declaration, which defined visions and established goals and objectives for the global economic and social development;

Knowing that the Millennium Development Goals are supported by 8 major goals with the intention to fight poverty, hunger, diseases, illiteracy, environmental degradation, and discrimination against women;

Knowing also that the fulfillment of the Millennium Development Goals essentially depends on the objective associated with the increase of the development financing;

Noting with concern that the international economic environment is characterized by cyclical financial crises, external debt problems, insufficient levels of ODA, instability in commodity markets and the current uncertainty about the evolution of the multilateral trading system and disparities in foreign direct investment flows and income distribution worldwide and that this will not facilitate the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals;

Noting also that to ensure the fulfillment of this objective and to initiate the allotment of resources to comply with the commitments assumed in the Millennium Summit, in March 2002 the International Conference on Development Financing was held in Monterrey, Mexico;

Knowing further that the conclusions of this conference are collected in the so-called “Monterrey Consensus”, which establishes and recognizes that in an increasingly interdependent world economy a comprehensive approach is essential concerning the national and international problems of the development financing;


Urge the parliamentarians of the Asia Pacific region to strengthen the action of the multilateral mechanisms and the regional assemblies of parties and parliaments to design common positions with regards to the fulfillment of the Millennium Development Goals and, particularly, to the follow-up of the Monterrey Consensus and to promote the mechanisms to assure the effective monitoring and follow up process of the implementation of this commitment;

Also urge the parliamentarians of the region to link the vision about the financing for development with the Doha Development Agenda of the World Trade Organization, in such a way that the world trade flows are considered as resources for development (especially in terms of the agricultural subsidies and their relationship with the food sufficiency in developing nations);

Further urge the parliamentarians of the region to promote in all the international financial bodies – as a common position of the non-developed nations – that the compliance with the worldwide commercial and financial liberalization and facilitation agenda depends on the social realities and the political circumstances of each country;

Request the parliamentarians of the region to also reiterate that the compliance with the worldwide economic liberalization programs by the developing nations can only progress if the availability of resources for development is ensured, so that these resources make it possible to solve the social problems derived from the implementation of commercial liberalization policies;

Emphasize the need to make greater use of the United Nations, particularly the biennial high level dialogue of the General Assembly on Financing for Development and the annual spring meeting of ECOSOC for moving forward the Monterrey process;

Urge the international financial organisms to expedite the mechanisms necessary to allot the development resources and to adopt affective, comprehensive and equitable solutions to the unsustainable debt problems of the developing countries;

Call upon the parliamentarians of the region to foster greater cooperation among developing nations to strengthen the follow-up of the agreements included in the Monterrey Consensus and facilitate new mechanisms of association among them to analyze the possibilities of a South – South cooperation that ensures an extensive and adequate application of the financial assistance for development.

Request the next Annual Meeting of the APPF to address in comprehensive way the issue of financing for development and their impact on the achievement of international agreed development goals particularly the Millennium Development Goals.


Resolution on Sustainable Development: Financing for Development

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