Resolution on the Ban of Antipersonnel Land Mines


7th Annual Asia Pacific Parliamentary Meeting
11-14 January 1999

Resolution on the Ban of Antipersonnel Land Mines


(submitted by the Peruvian Delegation)

We, the parliamentarians of the APPF, gathered in the 7th General Assembly of the Asia-Pacific Parliamentary Forum

Noting the signing by 123 nations of the Convention on the Prohibition of the Use, Stockpiling, Production and Transfer of Antipersonnel Mines and on their Destruction, in Ottawa in December of 1997,

Concerned by the delay in the ratification of this Convention by the signatory States, several of which are APPF members,

Recalling the Resolution APPF6/RES/10 adopted in Seoul, Korea, which encouraged the APPF signatory States of the Convention to ratify it before the end of 1998,

Acknowledging that certain Asia-Pacific countries have indicated an inability to accede to the Convention due to current security circumstances;

Noting that the Convention will come into force only six months after the fortieth country has ratified it,

Resolve to:

Urge the APPF signatory States to ratify the Convention before the end of 1999, so that it will come into effect during this year;

Invite the APPF member countries that have not yet signed the Convention, to do it, when circumstances permit, at the earliest opportunity;

Exhort the member countries to cooperate closely in the efforts for de-mining programs conducted in the territories affected by these destructive devices;

Request the member countries and the international community to lend their determined support to the recovery of antipersonnel mine victims.



Resolution on the Ban of Antipersonnel Land Mines

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