Resolution on the Establishment of a Working Group on Strengthening the APPF


10th Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum
6-9 January 2002

Resolution on the Establishment of a Working Group on Strengthening the APPF


(submitted by Chile, China, Japan, Mexico, Philippines, Singapore and United States)


Considering that this is the Tenth Meeting of the APPF;

Reaffirming the statements in the Declaration of Valparaíso on the objectives of the Pacific Basin Charter for the 21st century;

Believing that enhanced global challenges create greater need for international consultation, consensus building, and action at the Asia Pacific regional level;

Acknowledging the importance of parliaments to processes to building public support for regional cooperation and in shaping and approving the legislative changes needed to implement international cooperation;

Desiring that parliaments be full partners and stakeholders in Asia Pacific cooperation processes; and Appreciating that Mexico will host the next APEC leaders and ministerial meetings;


Establish a technical working group of APPF under the authority of the Executive Committee to study and report at the eleventh APPF meeting on ways and means of strengthening the APPF;

Ensure that the working group will consult all members of the APPF in the course of preparing its report and recommendations, particularly Mexico because of its APEC hosting role;

Require that such study shall include but not be limited to the relationship between the APPF and other regional organizations, the relationship between the APPF and other inter-parliamentary bodies; the institutional support base for APPF within national parliaments, the question of a permanent secretariat; the APPF website; improved coordination of cooperative parliamentary activities between APPF meetings; the financial support base for APPF; the proposal of Chile for practical means of implementing the Declaration of Valparaiso; and questions of institutional continuity including multiple co-chairing of APPF meetings; and

Require that such report shall be completed and circulated to all member parliaments at least two months prior to the eleventh APPF meeting in Malaysia and that it will be the subject of deliberation at that meeting.

January 9, 2002, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA


Resolution on the Establishment of a Working Group on Strengthening the APPF

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