Resolution on the Situation on the Korean Peninsula


21st Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum
27-31 January 2013

Resolution on the Situation on the Korean Peninsula


(Sponsored by Japan)


Reaffirming that the peace and stability of the Korean Peninsula is a great concern for Northeast Asia, as well as for the Asia Pacific region, and that the constructive engagement of the international community in the peace and stability of the Korean Peninsula is beneficial for the region;

Noting the Resolutions on the Situation of the Korean Peninsula and the Joint Communiqués adopted at the past Annual Meetings of the APPF and recognizing the important role of parliamentary diplomacy in ensuring global peace and stability, as stated in the Joint Communiqué adopted at the G20 Speakers’ Consultation in May 2011;

Noting the Joint Statement of the Six-Party Talks in September 2005, the United Nations Security Council Resolutions 1695, 1718, 1874, and 2087, the Chairman’s Statement of the 9th ASEM Summit in November 2012, the South-North Declaration in October 2007, and the Japan-DPRK Pyongyang Declaration in September 2002;

Confirming that resolving the human rights issues is a challenge for the entire international community;

Emphasizing the importance of reinforcing regional and international cooperation to ensure the peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula;

Reaffirming support for the diplomatic efforts made within the Six Party Talks aimed at comprehensively achieving the goals envisioned in the 2005 Joint Statement and expressing concern about DPRK’s all existing nuclear and missile programs;


1. Urge DPRK to abide by relevant UNSC Resolutions and not to conduct any further nuclear tests or launching using ballistic missile technology and to abandon all nuclear weapons and existing nuclear programs, as well as ballistic missile programs, in a complete, verifiable and irreversible manner;

2. Request APPF Member States to reaffirm the importance of a nuclear weapons–free Korean Peninsula for the peace and stability of the Peninsula as well as of the Asia-Pacific region and request the full and steady implementation of the relevant UNSC Resolutions;

3. Confirm that the process of the Six-Party Talks is an effective framework for the peaceful solution of the nuclear problem of the Korean Peninsula, and call upon the Parties to resume the Six-Party Talks;

4. Urge DPRK to fully comply with the Non-Proliferation Treaty and International Atomic Energy Agency safeguards obligations;

5. Confirm the APPF Member States support peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula and its denuclearization.


Resolution on the Situation on the Korean Peninsula

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