Resolution on Transnational Crimes


12th Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum
12-14 January 2004

Resolution on Transnational Crimes


(submitted by Indonesia, Mexico)

The 12th Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum,

Considering that the transnational crimes (such as terrorism, money laundering, drug traffic, smuggling, slavery and prostitution, and sexual exploitation) represent worldwide problems that affect all human beings, particularly those who cannot defend themselves from the action of the global criminal networks;

Noting the need of effective work across borders and jurisdiction to address common treats, including terrorism, piracy, trafficking of people, money laundering, drugs and arms trafficking, smuggling, slavery , prostitution, sexual exploitation and cyber-crimes;

Considering that this type of crimes threaten the security of our societies and our nations and that hinder the possibilities of achieving world progress based on justice, equity and on the search of the welfare for all human beings;

Aware that today progress in technology have eliminated barriers between nations and exceptionally chances is there for organized crime and other transnational threats and gain ground in the Asia Pacific region in order to maximize opportunities and minimize law enforcement risks;

Acknowledging that the transnational crimes are closely related to corruption and that it can only be fought through global actions agreed upon based on law enforcement so that its causes can be eliminated and its effects eradicated;

Acknowledging also to this regard that an extensive and decisive struggle against transnational crimes and corruption, the promotion of economic, social, and cultural development is required in the nations most severely affected by the criminal networks in the performance of their activities;

Emphasizing the importance of the United Nations Convention Against Corruption that was held in the city of Merida, Mexico between last December 9 and 11, which establishes the mechanisms to fight the corruption of public and private officers;

Considering also that this Convention will not be in force worldwide before it is ratified by the parliaments of at least 30 countries;

Noting also to this regard the convenience that the international cooperation and coordination of governments and parliaments to fight transnational crimes and international corruption is developed within the framework defined by the United Nations;


Urge APPF members to pay more attention to the design of solutions to fight international organized crime and corruption promoting mutual cooperation at multilateral and regional levels;

Urge also APPF members to ratify the Convention of the United Nations Organization against Corruption and to become party to support and take actions upon the United Nations Convention on Combating Transnational Organized Crimes;

Urge therefore APPF members to implement the necessary measures to eradicate the international crimes and to fight the criminal networks that encourage and perpetrate them, being careful at all times of the full compliance with the international laws, the sovereignty respect and the territorial integration of the Nations, always acknowledging and respecting their ethnic, religious and cultural differences;

Recommend to APPF members to work more closely with law enforcement and national security agencies between countries as well as regional and international organizations to share information and ensure complementary of bilateral and multilateral initiatives;

Demand the governments of APPF members to make efforts in developing a just and rational international political and economic order and fulfillment of the Millennium Development Goals established by the United Nations at the Millennium Summit, held in the year 2000, to promote the enhancement of the living conditions of our people and thus facilitate the eradication of criminal behaviors that originate from poverty, neglect, and lack of opportunities;

Encourage the promotion of the rule of law and fostering international law enforcement cooperation as a pre-eminent objective of the APPF members countries policy.


Resolution on Transnational Crimes

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