Resolution on Water and Its Use as an Essential Resource for Sustainable Development


12th Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum
12-14 January 2004

Resolution on Water and Its Use as an Essential Resource for Sustainable Development


(submitted by Mexico)

The 12th Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum,

Knowing that water is a renewable resource that does not remain unchanged on the Earth, but one establishes a cycle among oceans, the atmosphere and the biosphere in a permanent way;

Recognizing that water circulation in hydrologic cycles is based on the permanent movement or transfer of the water masses, both from one planet point to another and that, as such, it basically influences on the Pacific Ocean biomass and on the environmental and climatic effects associated with it;

Aware that water is the essential element of life in the planet and a determining natural resource of the global social well-being, prosperity, and stability;

Aware as well that the ocean biomass preservation is essential in the maintenance of the sweet water resources and that it is essential to meet the human needs, such as health, food production, and the environmental balance preservation;

Concerned about the contamination of the global water resources and the deterioration of the sweet water quality for human consumption, along with an increase in its consumption around the planet that is resulting in its shortage in some regions of the world;

Recognizing that the developing nations lack the capacity to develop and implement policies for the water management, preservation and use for human consumption, which has caused that more than 1.2 billion people around the world do not have drinking water, despite the abundance of this fluid in the entire planet;

Recognizing the need to preserve the environment and the natural ecosystems of the Pacific Ocean as a way to preserve the global hydrologic balance, preventing water shortage from becoming a hindering factor for sustainable development;

Knowing that the United Nations Organization declared 2003 as the “International Year of Fresh Water”, recognizing the importance of this essential fluid and the need to use it in a proper and rational way in a comprehensive effort to preserve the global environment;


Recognize the need that the parliament members of the Asia Pacific region promote the necessary environmental legislative initiatives to preserve and protect the Pacific Ocean aquatic ecosystems, from a perspective that recognizes the importance of the interaction among lakes, rivers, marine currents, the marine environment and the vegetation that make up the Pacific Ocean biomass;

Recognize that the preservation and conservation of the Pacific Ocean biomass is essential to maintain the climatic and environmental cycles that enable the regeneration of the sweet water and drinking water reserves for human consumption, which is an essential element to ensure the social development and the quality of life of our peoples, particularly in terms of health and food production to achieve feeding sufficiency;

Urge our parliaments to carefully follow-up the works developed by the United Nations Organization within the framework of the “International Year of Fresh Water”, particularly the Third World Water Forum held in Kyoto, Japan, in March 2003;

Promote from our parliaments an increase in the technical and financial cooperation in terms of environmental preservation and protection, and particularly of the sweet water reserves, promoting technological transfer and the human, technical, and institutional capacity building among the developed and less developed nations in the region.


Resolution on Water and Its Use as an Essential Resource for Sustainable Development

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